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Amy & Jay's Foxtail Barns Wedding

Foxtail Barns is just one of those perfect all-round venues, with amazingly styled interiors and manicured gardens it's hard to get any bad photos at this venue, but one of the tricks foxtail has up its sleeve is the sheer size and beauty of the grounds they have.

You could literally spend hours walking around the place, there are so many photo opportunities to create some stunning imagery.

With Amy & Jay, we had plenty of time for photos and we were able to fit in quite a bit of portrait time, which I was so thankful for, we managed to explore a little and I created some of my favourite images.

It's nice when the timings of a wedding day allow for the chance to have a walk around and really get stuck into a portrait session and not feel pressured by the time ticking away.

Here is a selection of my favourite images from Amy & Jay's Foxtail Barns wedding.


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