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Stephanie & Oliver; Country farm wedding

About a month or so back I had the pleasure of capturing Stephanie & Oliver's wedding which was set to be in their home town Aylesbury. Bridal prep was at Stephanie's parents house while the groomsmen got ready at home.

Upon arrival at the brides parents house I knew it was to be a great day, the atmosphere & vibes given during the bridal prep are always a good indication to what the rest of the day will be like.

It was upon my arrival that I found out that the brides mothers house (where they were getting ready) had been broken into the night before and jewlerry had been stolen, even though such a negative thing had occurred everyone was still in high spirits for Steph and Oli's day!

The entire day had a great family orientated feel to it. I'll let the images do the talking and let you see for yourself how beautiful of a day it really was!!


Flowers: Twigs & Twine

Bridesmaids Dresses: Pure Couture bridal boutique

Videographer: Story Cabin

Cake: Brides Mom :)

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