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How I work as a Wedding Photographer

This week on the Blog I thought I would do something a little different and talk a little bit about how I work with my clients to create the best images I can for them.

The one thing I always hear from couples is "I don't like having my photo taken", or the classic "I never look very good in photo's". I always find this not to be true, and my job is to prove so.

I’ve always found a very relaxed approach works best for getting images I and my clients will like. Posing isn't something I like to do; I always think less is more. I find talking to couples and interacting with them while they converse with each other works best.

As a rule, I’ve always offered pre-wedding shoots with our packages; this is to help any nerves of being photographed on my client’s big day. That little hour or so shoot helps a massive deal on both parts; it gives my clients an expectation of what it will be like on the day while also allowing them to get to know myself a little better. This in turn means it's no longer a strange face showing up to capture the wedding day, after all it is one of the biggest days of your life and a photographer is essentially a guest at such an intimate part of your life. The pre-wedding shoot also helps myself, it allows me to find what makes couples uncomfortable or when they're most relaxed, knowing this before the big day helps bring down any barriers, meaning better photos faster.

This combination of a few simple things helps to create beautiful, natural looking photos. It helps them make being photographed a more enjoyable and memorable experience, creating memories and recording the story along the way.

Here are few key photos of my couples during their pre-wedding shoot and the big day itself.

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